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 Dragon Fire

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Fuckin Pikachu
Fuckin Pikachu

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PostSubject: Dragon Fire   Dragon Fire Icon_minitimeSat Dec 06, 2008 8:10 am

My fanfic, enjoy.
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Fuckin Pikachu
Fuckin Pikachu

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PostSubject: Episode One: The Fight   Dragon Fire Icon_minitimeSat Dec 06, 2008 8:21 am

We begin Dragon Fire with a young Saiyan, Silver training on his tropical island home. A storm starts brewing, but he dosent seem to mind. He is used to this kind of thing.

Silver: Wow, the storms on this island sure do help with training. *Continues with schedule* I can't help feel that somethig is different about this one.

He couldn't be more right. That storm was not natural. It was caused by two other saiyans fighting not far away from Silver. Their water, wind, and electric techniques were disrupting the weather as they clashed. Suddenly, a blast strays from the fight and hits Silver. He is pissed by this and flys over to where it came from.

Silver: >_< WTF!! Your blast just hit me!

??1: Thats too damn bad *blasts*

??2: Heh, you bastard!

??1: Shut up Xanthas!

Xanthas: Make me Moh!

Moh and Xanthas begin to fight.

Xanthas: Celistial Slash!

Moh: confused WTF did the swords come from!? *warps*

Xanthas: Damn it!

Moh then kicks him in the back, put Xanthas proceeds to fart, giving him enough time to rescue Silver and get back to the island while Moh gags

-Back on the island-

Xanthas: *Holding two swords at Silver's throught* Who the hell are you? And give me one good reason I shouldn't slit your throught right now? And by the way I've drugged you so don't bother trying to move your temporarily paralyzed

Silver: I am Silver, and the reason you should NOT kill me is because the undergarments are no longer clean. So if you would please remove your swords from my jugular area I would greatly appreciate it and be able to tell you my story.

Xanthas: Fine not that it makes any difference since your still paralyzed and u still haven't really given me a good reason so hurry it up or your dead, dirty undies or no.

Silver: My story is not very long...

Exactly what is Silver's story? Tune in next time on Dragon Fire!

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Fuckin Pikachu
Fuckin Pikachu

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PostSubject: Episode Two: The City   Dragon Fire Icon_minitimeSat Dec 06, 2008 1:51 pm

Silver: The reason I am here on this island is because I have been training for a jouney I am about to go on. You see I am looking for a friend I knew at the Ki Fighting Academy*, Jyn. He can help us defeat Moh, but I lost contact with him after school. I miss my friend and would like to reunite with him after 4 years.

Xanthas: I see, well I suppose I should help you.

Silver: No, I was gonna go alone after meeting you

Xanthas: Suit yourself

Silver: *facepalm* I was being sarcastic dumass

Xanthas: Well excuse me for not getting sarcasm

Silver: Nevermind, we should start now

After a while they arrive on the mainland and find themselves in the middle of a city in no time at all.

Xanthas: Wow, look at all the buildings and stuff.

Silver: Xanthas, where are you from, I never heard your story

Xanthas: That matter is irrelevent at the moment, we must focus on the matter at hand

Silver: Fine, be that way, but when we find Jyn then you'll tell me

Suddenly a bank robber runs past the two heros, and another Saiyan flys by, chasing him. He soon catches up and captures the robber and hands him over to the police.

Silver: Wasting your talents on catching meager bank robbers eh? I expected to find you obliterating a monster Jyn.

Jyn: Silver, is that you? My god its been a while

Silver: Four years my old friend

Xanthas: *trys to slip away unnoticed*

Silver: Oh no you don't, you have to tell me your story Xanthas, and then Jyn does too

Xanthas: God damn it

What are Xanthas and Jyn's stories? Tune in next time on Dragon Fire!
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Fuckin Pikachu
Fuckin Pikachu

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PostSubject: Episode Three: The Stories   Dragon Fire Icon_minitimeSat Dec 06, 2008 1:54 pm

Xanthas: Well, I first, I am not a human, or a Saiyan either...

Silver and Jyn: affraid

Xanthas: I am the last of a race called the Alparians. They were wiped out by the villan Moh. That is why I was fighting him, to avenge my race. I was born here on Earth however.

Silver: Well, do Alparians have special powers?

Xanthas: Yes, we can alter the molecular structure of anything, and make it into anything else. It taxes our energy, and we cannot alter living beings we didn't create ourself.

Jyn: Awesome, so I guess I'll say what I've been doing these past four years. I've actually been with my parents since I graduated, but the are severly sick. The doctor says there is no cure, but I will find one if it kills me.

Silver: There is always the Dragon Balls.

Xanthas and Jyn: The Dragon whats?

Silver: Dragon Balls, you know Jyn, we were taught in school that if you collect all seven you can make one wish.

Jyn: Oh yeah, I remember.

Silver: Then we're off to find the Balls!

Xanthas: No, we are off to train so we can defeat Moh.

Silver: Is he an immediate threat to the Earth?

Xanthas: He wants to destroy Earth, like he did to my species' home planet.

Jyn: Typical of villans.

Silver: Seriously, can't they think of a more origional idea?

Xanthas: Your saying that you feel that destruction of planets is too evil to fight?

Silver and Jyn: *facepalm* We were only joking, saying that EVERY villan wants to either enslave/rule the Earth, or destroy it.

Xanthas: Oh, well, I suppose we should start training now.

Silver: Then we get the Balls.

Jyn: And save my parents!

How much more will they need to train to defeat Moh? And does Xanthas get ANYTHING? Tune in next time on Dragon Fire!

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Fuckin Pikachu
Fuckin Pikachu

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PostSubject: Episode Four: The Training   Dragon Fire Icon_minitimeSat Dec 06, 2008 1:56 pm

As our heros set to train for the fight against Moh they fly over a jungle and decide that it would be a good place for lunch. Little did they know they'd find more than lunch...

Silver: *lands in a clearing* I'm starving!

Jyn: There will be plenty food here, why do you we stopped here?

Silver: Because my stomach was preventing concentration.

Jyn: So thats what that was...

Xanthas: I sense something around here guys, be quiet.

??1: I think were lost Sorei.

??2: Your the one who told me this was a shortcut!

??1: Well fine, but you'd be screwed if I wasn't here.

??2: At least I wouldn't be lost!

Xanthas: Hmm... they don't seem hostile, merely lost.

Silver: So lets find them and help.

Suddenly both the strangers walked through the bushes near our heros and automatically took arms (and legs too).

Xanthas: We mean you no harm good stranger, we merely wish to help.

??1: I'm not buying it.

Xanthas: So be it! *summons swords* Celistial Slash!

??2: confused WTF did the sword come from?!? *back off*

Xanthas: Ah, so eager to fight a moment ago.

??2: No, just Vance. Not me.

Vance: That'd be me, and this *points* is my friend Sorei. We are lost.

Sorei: *coughcough*yourfault*coughcough*

Vance: I heard that!

Silver and Jyn: (thinking) he looks familiar, that Sorei kid...

Silver: Hey, didn't you used to go to the Ki Fightin Academy?

Sorei: Yes, two years ago, then I met Vance. He appeared out of nowhere, claiming to have been in some "other world" or something...

Vance: I was actually dead for four years, reborn two years ago by an unknown force.

Silver: *notices three rings on Vance's hand* What are those?

Vance: I found them in a temple and they fused ith me, giving me elemental powers.

Xanthas: Show me.

Sorei: Only if you show me how to do that thin with your swords.

Xanthas: So be it.

After Vance had shown off his powers Xanthas taught Sorei how to summon his swords. The process is secret (I don't even know) so I can't tell you what he said but after Sorei's first attempt...

Sorei: *summons a balloonsword and rabbit* That didn't work.

Xanthas: It is very difficult, practice and you shall master it.

Sorei: Okay...*gets mauled by the rabbit* GAH!!!

Xanthas: Decapitate the rabbit, we can eat it for dinner.

And so ends the first day of training. Silver ate the entire rabbit himself for dinner, but there was more than one (due to many mistakes in Sorei's attempts at sword summoning). The next morning they set out for more training and flew off (though Sorei and Vance are humans, but they had a capsule plane and tagged behind).

What does the rest of their training hold in store? Tune in next time on Dragon Fire!
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Fuckin Pikachu
Fuckin Pikachu

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PostSubject: Episode Five: The News   Dragon Fire Icon_minitimeSat Dec 06, 2008 1:59 pm

Our heros' trainig was rather uneventful for the next few weeks. They got up in the morning and practiced their techniques until lunch. The Sorei would summon rabbits and eventually larger game in one hand, and his sword in another. All was routine until one day Jyn recieved horrible news.

Silver: Your parents, they need help immediatley! Xanthas, we must postpone the training.

Xanthas: I am afraid we cannot, if we do the world will fall to Moh's hands.

Jyn: Screw Moh, my parents are dying!

Xanthas: O_o Um... I'm not gay, and I'm sure Moh would greatly dislike that as well.

Sorei: *facepalm* Do you get sarcasm AT ALL!?

Xanthas: I am beginning to think not.

Jyn: Xanthas, if you aren't going to help my parents then don't, but I'm going!

Silver: Me too!

Sorei: Me three!

Vance: Well... I don't want to be stuck with Xanthas, so I'll go as well.

Xanthas: *groan* I cannot face Moh alone, so I suppose I must go as well.

And with that they were off to find the Dragon Balls. Of course, they needed a Dragon Radar to find them. Xanthas, being an Alparian, used his matter transformation to make one whenever they needed it. Before long they were over the open ocean, and the radar said that it was underwater.

Sorei: Cra- *gets cut off by engine of plane*

Jyn: How do we get it now?

Silver: I can breathe underwater...

Vance: How? It is humanly impossible... Oh right, but still.

Silver: I was training on an ISLAND for four years! You honestly think I didn't practice holding my breath until I could breathe underwater?

Sorei: Well, he is our best bet. SOMEBODY thought we wouldn't need that submarine capsule so we can't do it.

With that Silver dives into the water. The others waited and waited until...

Silver: Got it!

Jyn: Well that was easy.

Vance: Too easy... I smell a trap.

Moh: Twisted Evil You are correct human! Now I can destroy all of you before your training is complete! *laughs evilly*

Shit, not Moh! Who will win this battle? Tune in next time on Dragon Fire!
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Fuckin Pikachu
Fuckin Pikachu

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PostSubject: Episode Six: The New Powers   Dragon Fire Icon_minitimeMon Dec 08, 2008 5:00 pm

Last Time On Dragon Fire: After getting bad new about Jyn's parents the heros set out to find the Dragon Balls. After Silver revealed his power to breathe underwater and reteived the Ball from the seafloor Moh attacked!

Vance: I told you.

Moh: Yes human, now silence, or I will not make your death quick!

Xanthas: You feind! I will avenge my race!

And with that Xanthas rushes Moh numerous times all with no prevail. He then attempts a Celestial Slash, but Moh warps behind him and kicks him in the back of the head. Silver and Jyn then team up and warp behind Moh, both kicking him in the nuts.

Moh: *high voiced* Aughh, you bastards! that was a really cheap shot!

Silver: Thats why we did it ^_^

Moh then rushes the two, but they Jyn warps away. Silver tries to dodge, but Moh grabs his leg. Silver, thinking fast, dives underwater and remains there for about five minutes. Silver then is knocked out of the water and crashes a few yards away.

Moh: *gasping* You thought that you could drown me! Ha! Silly half-breed, I do not require air! I can survive in the vacuum of space!

Xanthas: I will destroy you Moh!

Xanthas then uses his powers to encase Moh in re-enforced steel and sinks him. Moh breaks out and punches Xanthas after rushing up from the deep. Jyn then uses his Shikoku technique and a small blast locks onto Moh.

Moh: Fool! That is the best you've got. That blast is absolutley puny!

Jyn: Big things come in small packages!

The blast collides with Moh and creates an enormous explosion. The smoke clears and Moh is still standing (err... flying) but is missing an arm.

Jyn: affraid You survived!

Moh: *in obvious pain* Yes, but this missing limb may hinder my fighting. You win this battle, but I will win in the end! *flys away*

Sorei: So he loses an arm, then flys away. Coward.

Vance: He lost. He knew he couldn't go on and live.

Silver: Oww!

Jyn: Oh good you're awake.

Silver: Yeah, my head is killing me.

Everyone else: affraid

Silver: What?

Well, Silver already asked the question. What? Tune in next time on Dragon Fire
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Fuckin Pikachu
Fuckin Pikachu

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PostSubject: Episode Seven: The Revelation   Dragon Fire Icon_minitimeSat Dec 13, 2008 9:35 pm

Last time on Dragon Fire, the heros fought Moh and won after obtaining their first Dragon Ball. Silver was iknocked unconcious in the fight, but when he woke up, somethin strange had occured. What is it?

Silver: What?

Jyn: You have a TAIL, growing from your HEAD!!

Silver:*feels back of head* Holy Crap!

Xanhas: Well, I am not able to alter beings I didn't create, so it wasn't me!

Silver: No, this seems like it has something to do with my mom.

All but Jyn and Silver: Huh?

Jyn: Silver never knew his mom. He was raised by his dad, who was a Saiyan. We always assumed his mom was a human...

Silver: I've got to find out what she was. And why this is occuring now.

Jyn: I'll come with you!

Silver: No, you must find the Dragon Balls, to save your parents. This I must do alone.

Jyn: Alright... I suppose you're right.

Xanthas: I miss my elephant...

Vance: WTF?

Xanthas: I suppose that is rather off topic, but my childhood pet was an Alparian elephant. I miss my Vespasian so...

Sorei: Ok...

Silver: I'm just gonna go now...

All: Goodbye Silver.

And with that Silver went back to the city, to the library. After a while of searching he found a creature called a Zora.

Silver: *reading* "Zora are an aquatic race, thought to be extinct. Rumor has it though there are some left, and have crossbred with humans. They have magic spells placed on these children so that the signs of thier Zora heritage that normally are develop during puberty, are not shown until the spell is broken. The spell is weakened when the child learns to breathe underwater, and can be destroyed in a fight. The fins can be hidden at will by the demizora, for they are retractable." So, she was a Zora. I should get back to the others now.

And with that he returned to his friends. What adventures lie in store for our heros now? Tune in out next time on Dragon Fire!

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Fuckin Pikachu

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PostSubject: Episode Eight: The Newcomer   Dragon Fire Icon_minitimeSat Dec 20, 2008 9:13 am

Last time on Dragon Fire we found out what Silver's mom was a Zora. We will now learn what the others were dioing while Silver was absent. (meanwhile, back at the ranch)

Our heros were using the dragon radar to search out the second Dragon Ball. We find them negotiating with an old shaman, but are unsuccessful as the villagers believe it to be magical, and consider it holy.

Sorei: Now what?

Jyn: Twisted Evil We could steal it...

Xanthas: I will not stoop so low as to steal the villager's most prized possession.

Vance: I am wondering who that girl was outside the meeting chamber tied to the stake. She must have overheard us.

Xanthas: She must have been convicted of a crime. Let's find out what.

After asking around the heros find that she is convicted to be drowned as a witch, for when they tried to burn her it epiccally failed.

Night had fallen and they had left the village. They decided against camping, for the moon provided enough light to travel by. After a few miles, they come across the girl from the square in tattered clothing, and the dragon ball, covered in saliva, near where her mouth is.

All: Shocked WTF is she doing here ?

Jyn: Wow did we all just say that at the same time?

Sorei: Yeah, I think we did...

Xanthas: Nevermind that! She obviously needs help! Something must have attacked her!

Jyn: Forget helping her! Lets rape her while she's unconcious!

Vance: Perv...

Jyn: So. Cant you see. You can't be uninterested!

Vance: ...She looks... Sorei's age. I don't want to be petophilic.

Xanthas: *snaps and her clothes are repaired* Such a shame. It had to be done. We cant have accidental impregnation...

Jyn: Now that you mention it, she is a bit young looking.

Sorei: Doesn't mean I don't want her!

Xanthas: I don't care what you want! We have to help her!

After tending to her surprisingly few injuries they waited her awakening. When she did awaken...

Girl: What the? How did I get here?

Xanthas: We would like to know the same thing. Along with your name and why you stole your villages most prized possession.

Jyn: Which will probably be blamed on us!

Girl: Name is Lylis Gyssarnith. I stole it to gain your allegience so I could get away from the village that wanted me dead.

Xanthas: Your name... It is elven, roughly meaning Wolf-breeze Clan-of-fire.

Lylis: My ancestor had the same name. I was named after him for he had the same silver eyes and fiery red hair.

Xanthas: confused And your age?

Lylis: Seventeen. Why?

Xanthas: Merely confirming a theory. a rather odd one at that.

Vance: Care to enlighten us?

Xanthas: Idea Not in front of Lylis. I am not completely convinced of her loyalty toward us.

Jyn: By the way Lylis, we found you practically naked in the road.

Lylis: Embarassed *slaps Jyn then checks self*

Vance: We are not THAT low.

Jyn: I am!

Lylis: *slaps again*

Jyn: I really got to learn to avoid that... Its been a while scince I've traveled with girls...

After traveing for the rest of the day when they believe Lylis to be asleep Xanthas decides to tell them his theory.

What is Xanthas' theory? Tune in next time on Draon Fire!

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Fuckin Pikachu
Fuckin Pikachu

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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Fire   Dragon Fire Icon_minitimeFri Jan 09, 2009 6:12 pm

Xanthas' Theory

Xanthas: Well the firey red hair and silver eyes made me skeptical about her being a child of the wind but I was not fully convinced untill we heard at the villages epic failure at burnage, but I thought they were all extinct...

Jyn: Well,I do find that to be kind of a turn on...

Sorei: But what the f- *Vance farts* is a child of the wind? AND WHY ARE ALL MY CURSES CUT OFF??

Writer (in his writer place...): Because it's funny!

Sorei: What was that..?

Everyone else: We didn't hear anything...

Xanthas: ANYWAY, children of the wind are basically low level Alparians that can manipulate air currents. Nothing more. BUT I ALSO think she may be child of moon as well...

Jyn: So... the wind fucked the moon... HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!?!

Xanthas: No, idiot, they are merely figures speech, (I thought the same when I first heard it) technically, she's also a child of the fire, because wind can kill fire, so they stay away from children of the wind/fire. Children of the moon are what you call "werewolves" and it is the only possible explaination. They manifest when someone's boby is fully developed when a body is fully developed (before you say anything perverted Jyn) it coincides with her age, and her unknowingness of how she escaped.

Jyn: Now can I say it?

Xanthas: Fine.

Jyn: She certainly LOOKS developed, I mean WOW!

Xanthas: Anyway, both of the traits are rare, and you can tell by her slightly bluish skin that she is a child of the moon.

Sorei: Maybe she's just cold!

Writer: Yeaaaah, no.

Sorei: It's happening again!!

Vance: The voices again?

Sirei: Yes!

Vance: Apparently Sorei can hear important hints from... someone, that are usually right. You no important things like which like what door has the deaddly trap...

Jyn: Ooh ooh ooh!!! Does it say which prostitute have STD's?

Sorei: What's a prostitute?

Jyn: Nevermind Sorei.

Xanthas: Let's vote. Who wants to tell Lylis?

Jyn: Can we get a closer look to make she's bluish?

Vance: Are you just using that for an excuse to look at her boobs?

Jyn: NO! Yes...

Xanthas: ANYWAYS, voting time! Me, I can always override her powers, maken her helpless and give her to Jyn.

Jyn: YAY!! What does she have to do for this to happen. Btw my vote is no, because she could airslap me (but I want to keep her anyway).

Vance: I'd tell her for the reason Jyn won't.

Sorei: She scares me enough as it is, being a girl and all...

Xanthas: We need a tie breaker, so I'll poof Silver a cell phone. *Does so* *Calls Silver*

Back with Silver...

Silver: Holy crap, a cell phone! And it's ringing! *answers* What a new girl? Umm... sure, go tell her, and I'll come back too, I'm finished anyway...

And back with the others...

Xanthas: OK we tell her. Also Silver is part Zora.

Everyone else: Huh?

Xanthas: A mutant sentient fish.

Everyone else: Ohh!

Jyn: So THAT'S why he doesn't like when you tap the glass.

Xanthas: What do you mean?

Jyn: Well, he freaks out whenever you tap glass...

Vance: Let's have some fun with this, Xanthas we're gunna need five, four by four inch glass panes.

Xanthas: That is totally cruel, and yet I totally agree with you.

Group tells Lylis...

Jyn: Sooo can you strip so we can see if your completly blue ALL over.

Xanthas whispers in ear, then Lylis does air punch.

Jyn: Owwww, you gave gave me an air black eye AND a nose bleed. And Xanthas you said you wouldn't teach her that!

Xanthas: No I said I wouldnt teach her to air SLAP you.

Jyn: You anal dwelling butt monkey.

One minute later they see Silver coming.

Xanthas: Prepare your glasspanes men, and Lylis.

Jyn: AND Sorei

Sorei: Hey!!!

Xanthas: W/e start tapping!!!

they then watch silver plumet out of the sky and start maniacly twitch on the ground with the bionoculars Xanthas poofed up
when they stop he stops gets up and flys over.

Silver: You guys are glassholes except for the new girl I don't really know her *checks her out* but I'm thinking that I want to.

Jyn: Hey Silver, I already called her!

lylis airpunches both

Silver: WTF Xanthas ?

Xanthas: Oh come on if I wanted to hurt you would be on the ground crying for your mommy.

Silver You asshole I don't know my mom!

Lylis: Awwww come'ere, air hug!

Now with Silver back in the group and our new edition Lylis they decide that they'll cover more ground by spliting up. Find out more next time on Dragonfire!

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Fuckin Pikachu

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PostSubject: Episode Ten: The Last Episode That Starts With The Word "The"   Dragon Fire Icon_minitimeWed Jan 28, 2009 6:23 pm

Xanthas: First off. Who wants to be in who's group?

Jyn: Me with Lylis! ME WITH LYLIS!!!

Xanthas: Actually, Lylis must go with me so I can train her.

Silver: You can come with me Jyn.

Jyn: ...fine.

Vance: So that leaves me with Sorei.

Xanthas: Right, so, which Dragon Balls should we each go after.

Silver: Well, I want to go after the one about were Niagra Falls is. Zora have been known to live behind waterfalls, and I may find some there.

Vance: So me and Sorei can get the one in the Himalayas.

Xanthas: Well, that leaves me and Lylis for the one floating *twitch* over Europe *twitch*

Lylis: Which part?

Xanthas: *twitch* ALL OF IT!!! *twitch twitch*

Sorei: *taps Xanthas' shoulder*

Xanthas: Hmm? Oh yes... *knocks Lylis and Jyn out*

Silver: Why did you knock Lylis out?

Sorei: I wanted to talk, I'm afraid of girls.

All: *Laugh*

Silver: But Xanthas, why Jyn? ... oh, right, that.

Sorei: I heard the voices! They say Silver will find something special at Niagra Falls. They also say Vance and my quest will be easy!

Silver: Alrighty! Off we go (when Jyn and Lylis wake up...)

So, after they wake up, the three groups head off. Soon they are all confronted by Moh's minions: Ron, Joe, and Lester. This was meant to be a corny joke.

Vance and Sorei pov:


Ron then proceeds to fire spike balls at the two companions. Both dodge easily. Vance then proceeds to strike Ron down with a lightningbolt.As he is stunned Sorei unleashes a flurry of slashes with his sword and deer (and then is attacked by the deer).

Sorei: He was a Moh-Ron wasn't he?

Vance: Wow, you got that joke?

Sorei: Voices told me.

Vance: Ok.

Silver and Jyn pov:


He then proceeds to punch at Silver, who, being since Joe is made of liquid, swims up it and slashes at his brain causing him to accidentaly beat the crap out of Jyn. When he regains conciouness...

Silver: I have bottled some of Joe for chemical analysis.

Jyn: *Does Dr. Evil thing* Muhhaha! WE STOLE HIS MOH-JOE, lolz.

Silver: You can't have it Jyn...

Jyn: Damn!

Xanthas and Lylis pov:

Amazingly, Lester was late, so Xanthas got to get in one lesson for Lylis.


Xanthas: You've had a lesson Lylis, you can handle this. *poofs up lawn chair and popcorn*

Lylis: You lazy bastard!

Lester then stretch punches Lylis, and wraps her completely in his rubbery limbs. He the proceeds to MOH-LEST-HER.


Xanthas: *zzz (with camera next to chair)*

Lylis then bites the arm of her captor, causing him to release her. She then changes into her wolf form and bites his... unmentionables off, causing him to faint of extreme pain and bleeds to death. She then wakes Xanthas.

Xanthas: Hmm? Oh, looks like you handled that well. *watches recording* Ooooh, eeeew, ouch... Heh, you've been Moh-Lested.

Lylis: Shut up.

Well, after a few bad puns, you see that many challenges await our heros. Find out what next time on Dragon Fire!

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PostSubject: Episode Eleven: The Things That Happen Next pt. 1 of 4 (OK we lied)   Dragon Fire Icon_minitimeFri Feb 20, 2009 10:23 pm

Vance and Sorei pov:

After fighting Moh's minion, Ron and traveling to the Himalayas, Sorei and Vance continue on the search for the Dargon Ball.

Vance: Did Xanthas say which mountain we are going to?

Sorei: Shouldn't you know? You do have the Dragon Radar don't you?

Vance: Um, shit happens, feces occur, that sort of crap.

Sorei: You dropped it didn't you.

Vance: I also used three terms for the same word in one sentence.

Sorei: Well, let's stop at that conveiniently placed diner.

So they stop at the diner that just so happens to be in the middle of the Himalayas, with a sign that reads "NOT an evil diner". They stop for lunch, and see a news report about Niagra Falls stopping for exactly one hour.

Sorei: Silver and Jyn?

Vance: Likely. Not sure how, not sure why, but likely.

Soon after they are attacked(like THAT'S surprising) by Moh's minion Tor (oh look, another pun). Somehow they were not expecting this.

Sorei: I was totally not expecting a minion to attack us!

Writers: Of course you weren't, good guys NEVER see obvious traps.

Tor then begins to shoot oil at our heros (We've decided skip the boring and repetitive intros for the minions) which is easily dodged. After a few times Vance gets the idea to ignite the stream of oil. But this is just what Tor wanted. The oil exploded, knocking out our two heros. Fourtunately his plan "backfired" and he died in the blast. We've really got to make the battles better. Anyways, when the heroes wake up, they find Tor's spleen bleeping.

Sorei: His spleen is rigged to explode!

Vance: He already exploded.

Sorei: Well, the bleeping must mean something.

Vance: Yeah, right, like his spleen will be, oh I don't know, a Dragon Radar.

Sorei: Well, knowing the voices...*rumages for spleen*...OMV(oh my voices) IT IS!!!

Vance: Wow...Well, were's the Dragon Ball..?

Sorei: They wouldn't...*checks radar, and is reilieved*...*sigh*Okay, it's not.

Vance: Ask the voices if they know the mountain name.

Sorei then begins meditating. Suddenly his hair ignites and it won't go out. Sorei, being in such deep concentration, doesn't notice. The next few lines are in Sorei's head.

Sorei: Voices, out of curiosity, what is the name of the mountain that the Dragon Ball lies on.

Voices: Curiosity may have kiled the cat, but Cats-kill mountain.

Sorei: Isn't that a mountain range, in America?

Voices: Considering we are in charge here, we geographically moved the range, and made it one big mountain, US DAMN IT!!

Back in reality.

Vance: Oh good, your head isn't on fire. But it looks like its on Fios.

Sorei: What do you me.. *looks at hair*... OMV my hair, its seizure inducing!

Vance: And it gets cable! Ooh look, Fox channel!

Sorei: What happened?

Vance: Hold on, wait till a commercial.

Sorei the waits till a commercial.

Vance: Ok, your hair ignited, and you were in a trance, and when you woke up it went out and you got cable.

Sorei: Well, lets go after the Dragon Ball, it's in Catskill Mountain.

Vance: Isn't that...

Sorei: Not Anymore,..don't ask.

After this ordeal, they set off to Catskill Mountain. Find out what happens to them next after three episodes of Dragon Fire

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PostSubject: Episode Twelve: The Things That Happen Next pt. 2 of 4   Dragon Fire Icon_minitimeSat Feb 21, 2009 12:47 pm

Silver and Jyn pov:

After fighting Moh's minion, Joe and traveling in the general direction of Canada, Silver and Jyn continue on the search for the Dragon Ball


VOICES FROM ABOVE: IT IS NOW AND AT LEAST WE’RE MAKING JOBS FOR MAP MAKERS MORE THAN BUSH EVER DID. AND ALTHOUGH SUPOSEDLY THIS WILL SCREW UP THE CLIMATES, WE DONT WANT IT TO SO IT DOESN'T, BECAUSE WE ARE IMACULATE, BECAUSE OF OUR IMACULINITY WE CAN ALSO MAKE UP WORDS AND HAVE RUN ON SENTENCES WITHOUT COMAS AND talk to you if we feel like it even though we usually only talk to your prepubescent friend US DAMN IT! So just shut up go to Niagara fucking falls and we'll call you again when we feel like bothering you

Jyn: OMG Sorei isn’t crazy!!!

Silver: Is it just me or did god just talk to us

Jyn: Well since it said we and us I think from now on we should say gods

Our heroes continue on there journey through Brazil to the Brazilian half of Niagara Falls (which by the way is even better than the Canadian side)

Silver: Well it looks like the dragon radar is telling us that the ball is just behind that waterfall

Jyn: shit how are we supposed to reach it

Silver: I being part zora should be able to swim up it

Jyn: what about me? Hmmmm?

Silver :once I'm back there, there should be someway to stop the waterfall temporarily

Jyn: this is Niagara Falls we can’t just stop the waterfall!!!

Silver: oh well we're going to have to

Jyn: couldn’t I just warp behind the waterfall?

Silver: nah you can’t do that we're good guys we cant do anything remotely smart

Silver then proceeds to jump, swim to, up, and behind the waterfall, he is then greeted by a troop of zora warriors all pointing their spears at him

We’ll meet up with him there

???: Retract your fins and come with me demi-zora or we'll shred you to pieces

Silver then proceeds to retract his fins, again complaining about soiled undergarments

Silver and zorai are almost to the royal meeting chamber

Silver: so who are you again and where are we going

Volke: I am Volke general of his majesty (and obesity) King Artamon the 8th's royal Zora armies, whose chambers we are going to now, we are currently in the castle anthrax not that you, deserve to know but we are currently at war with the evil and vicious zoulas

They arrive

Artamon: and who might I ask is this

Volke: I am Volke sir we've been childhood friends since hatching I am also your general?!?!

Artamon: NOT YOU, the whelp you've got WITH you

Silver: I am a demi-zora looking for the dragon balls and was wondering if you could momentarily stop the waterfall so that my friend could pass through

Artamon: how do I know that you are not a spy sent by the zoulas?

Silver: look at me closely; recognize anything (silver is desperately hoping that the king or queen who is also in the chamber will have known his mom)

Queen Valeria: OMG's he looks just like Alexandra he must be silver her demi-zora son that we released at hatching to his father, of course we'll stop the falls for you dear

Silver: thank you Valeria

Valeria then proceeds to pull a hidden lever behind her throne and says...

Valeria: you have nine minutes so hurry up

Silver then proceeds to go find Jyn in a conveniently placed holiday inn right next to Niagara Falls with a sign saying “NOT an evil hotel” Silver walks in and sees a news cast explaining about the explosion of one of the "not an evil" franchised diners was destroyed by these 2 people (shows photos) in a fight with this dead man who for some reason seems to be missing his spleen (yes we know that that the timing of these newscasts are impossible but being us and in our immaculinity we control time and space to make this so, by the way dodo birds are now un-extinct and uber immaculate with claws)

Jyn: Oh look it's Sorei, and Vance

Silver: we only have nine minutes let’s go

Suddenly one wall of the hotel walls is fried to a crisp and falls over revealing...Sheen. He shoots electricity numerous times at Jyn and Silver, who dodge. Silver then proceeds to let Sheen shock him, charging up an electrical attack. Jyn fires blasts at Sheen as he charges Silver's attack. Weakened, Sheen makes a last ditch effort to escape, but fails. Silver shoots his charged blast at Sheen, who uses a metal bar in the wall to allow the charges to discharge through his body, into the ground. He also absorbs enough energy to escape. Of course he is caught, and executed by the Zora. Silver and Jyn are then safely escorted back to the royal chambers

Silver: WTF it's been 15 minutes what’s wrong

Valeria: Well the key to operate it broke

Jyn: Don't you have a spare (*whispers to silver*when they greet each other why do they grab the left side of the other persons chest and the king is continually groping the queen?)

Silver: I would guess the left is some sort of greeting and right is probably affection*whispers back*

Artamon: Of course,..... but its duct taped to the inside of jabu-jabu's intestinal tract along with your fraternal twin sister Silvera for about nine weeks, but if you get it and her for us we'll give you the Dragon Ball

Silver: So are you trying to tell me that my twin sister has duct taped herself to the inside of a giant fish

Valeria: Yeah, she’s not so good with duct tape, but she was the only one even remotely willing to go

Silver: Okay fine we'll save my sister and your key thingy for the freaking Dragon Ball

And so Silver and Jyn are about to enter the belly of Jabu-Jabu. Find out what happens there in three episodes on Dragon Fire

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PostSubject: Episode Thirteen:The Things That Happen Next   Dragon Fire Icon_minitimeMon Apr 13, 2009 1:07 pm

AFter defeating the Moh minion...

Xanthus and Lylis pov:

Xanthus:To europe!

Lylis: Next time we encounter a Moh minion do NOT leave me to fight it on my own

Xanthus :I have something new to teach you that not even i can do it is the one thing that your people can do that mine cannot

Lylis: what is it


Lylis : how?

Xanthus:you must bend the rays of light around you to make yourself dissapear

Lylis: ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Xanthus:sounds like your gunna crap yourself, get on with it

Lylis's cloths then Disapear (DUN DUN DUN)

Lylis: did it work?

Xanthus: *dumbstruck* You made SOMETHING invisible...

Lylis: *looks down*OMG stop staring at me! Make it stop!

Xanthas: Stop bending the light, I guess, I dont know i can't do it.

Lylis :it wont stop! poof me up some cloths

Xanthus does so lylis then proceeds to put them , but one after another they dissapear

Xanthus : maybe if you just take all your cloths off there will be nothing to make invisible nad it'll stop

Lylis:youir starting to sound like jyn, and i dont want you to see me naked

Xanthus :fyne il just poof away all your cloths

Xanthus then does so

Lylis:oh look a conveniently placed "Not an Evil"cruz ship that sells anti invisible cloths

Xanthus: it says no shirt no shoes no service, i'll go in and get a sample of the material so i kjnow how to make it and then i can make you whatever you want

Xanthus does so

Lylis: *DEEEEEEEEEEEEP breath*I want...pink designer flip flops with sparkles on the rim with good ttrcktion u no for runing and a nee lenth sxkirt with purple and orange stripes neon sky0 (1 hour later)blue shirt which dips down three inches at the neck linea couple fake yellow brades a ranbow bra and a green thong to match my eyeliner

Xanthus:holding a note pad: anything else

Then suddenly out of the "Not an Evil" cruise ship a Moh minion apears (mind you Lylis is STILL naked and because of her long speech is now sweaty and breathing hard). The minion was Fia, with the ability to clone himself(by the way , he's asian).

Xanthas decides to drop and anvil on his head. He had cloned himself and was still in the fight. He then made more clones. Each of his clones grabbed on of Xanthas's limbs, but he created acid to dissolve them. Still more. Xanthas decidesthat he has done enough and proceeds to to sit back on a floating lawn chair with some popcorn and a camera and yet again, Falls Asleep, Lylis then fights valiantly but the fia's and their atritional tactics eventualy overwhelm her and of coutrse she gets raped by the fia's because of her nakedness she had "aroused them" after awhile her creativeness kicks in and she makes a tornado to kill them all, she then proceeds to wake up xanthus

Xanthus: *grogily*oh wonderfull looks like you won lemme se this tape...oh nice kick , good usage of the invisibility looks lkike you mstered it ahh nice air punching and kicking... oooh ...thats bad....ouchh...eeeew... hehe they're small, i guess that rumor about chinese people is true...oh good tornado usage.

Xanthus: hehe you got Gang-banged by the chinese MOh-fia lolz

soon after they arrive at where Europe is SUPPOSED to be

Lylis: i may have grown up in a tribal village but even i know that Europe is SUPPOSED to be their


Find Out The Next Time That WE Come Back To Xanthus And Lylis ON Dragon Fire(and no there is NOT a good reason fopr the name):As Xanthus so aptly stated , WHERE THE PHUCK(, and yes we are from the phily area-GO RED SOX) IS YOURUP(thats is ALL)
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PostSubject: Episode Fourteen: The Things That Happened Next pt 4/4   Dragon Fire Icon_minitimeMon Apr 13, 2009 2:47 pm

Before we begin, this episode would like to have a word with you.

Episode: Hello there, my name is Philler, Wood Philler, and I'm here today so that this saga will be around 20 or more pages. Despite that fact, it is still an episode. We hope you enjoy this.

Moh's pov (SURPRISE)

In Moh's secret base of evildomness in Atlantis (wich is flating, insted of submered creating over th bermuda triangle yes we moved , but we are also going to explain it, you see the fortress bobs up and down with cloud perpetualy surroudning it thus often sinking either planes or ships amd the ocasional bird/dolphin, )


Link: I can see that Navi...

Moh: Who the fuck are you?

Navi: Well, THATS not Ganon...

Link: NO SHIT NAVI! *to Moh* Sorry, we must have the wrong evil floating castle (i knew it was a left at albequreque).

Moh: Okay goodbye.

Link: Bye!

Moh: What a nice little elf in a skirt.


Navi: Its really a skirt Link.


And then comes Sonic...

Sonic: This isn't the Space Colony ARK...

Tails: Well Sonic, I tried to tell you, the ARK would be much higher up.


Tails: Why are we going to the ARK anyway?

Sonic: To bug Shadow.


Moh: Alright, have fun.

Moh walks around his palace and finds...

Sam:I know. It's all wrong. By rights we shouldn't even be here. But we are. It's like in the great stories, Mr. Frodo. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger, they were. And sometimes you didn't want to know the end. Because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end, it's only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you. That meant something, even if you were too small to understand why. But I think, Mr. Frodo, I do understand. I know now. Folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn't. They kept going. Because they were holding on to something.

Frodo: And what are we holding on to sam?

Sam: That there's some good in this world Mr.Frodo, and it's worth fighting for.

Moh: and im not part of that good *BLASTS*

Gollum:shut up or you'll get us killed
Smeagol:the precious the precious is MYNE *as he picks up the ring*

Moh: give me that

Gollum:NO! the precious is MYNE! WE promises to do, Whateverr you wants , if you lets us has the precious

Moh: it seems ive gained an ally you may live and be in my service, and as long as you swear yourself to me i will let you keep your silly little ring

Smeagol: hmm we swears weswears on hmm on ... the precious, yes, we swears on the precious

Moh:ohkaythen well my first order is ummmmm to... clean out the bathroom

Back in the fortresses back room...

Moh: Anandra, I have another new evil minion, my forces grow by the day, along with my power, your feebles heroes will never defeat me and and your race wil die out forever ever ever ever , whats with the ecko?

Anandra:No matter what you say i can tell that you are still afraid of xanthus and silver, and Vance i can read your mind remember you can't hide anything from me

Moh: OH really what am i thinking of right now

Anandra: your thinking of how you made me use my weeak powers to recreate your arm and reattach it for you and how i slept for a week after word and you torturwed me till i woke up(DUN DUN DUN)

Find out what happens next on...The Next Philler Episode Of Dragon Fire

to see more go to page 2 lnk2it should be somewhere over here----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> and down

Last edited by xanthas on Wed May 27, 2009 5:13 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : to direct to next episodes)
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PostSubject: Episode Fifteen: The Things That Happen AFTER The Things That Happened Next pt 1/4   Dragon Fire Icon_minitimeTue May 19, 2009 12:50 pm

Sorei and Vance have made it to Catskill mountain. They then see... a white cat.

Sorei: Look at the kitty Vance, can I keep it?

Cat: What? Just cuz I'm a cat, that means you have to be all: look at the cute little kitty! Racist asswipe. (fyi, he has a deep man voice)

Vance: Holy shit, a talking cat!

Cat: Holy shit, a talking human!

Vance: Rolling Eyes haha very funny, not

Sorei: Whats your name kitty?

Cat: *shudders* Mitenz. WTF kind of name is that? And as if THAT wasn't bad enough, its misspelled!

Sorei: Are you of the Abisynian variety? your so shiny!

Mitenz: Are you of the stupid variety?

Vance: Okay Mitenz, why are you here? Do you know where the Dragon Ball is?

Mitenz: I'm the guardian of the Ball, and, I'm... the guardian... of the Ball. So... we fight now... I think...

Sorei: You're not a very good guardian, are you?

Mitenz: The truth is, I never wanted to be a guardian. I've always wanted... to dance. Alas, I have two left feet

Sorei: Sword summoning power activate! *hair spikes up and turns... BLUE*(OH MY, well us i guess hes a superhuman hewhe like a super siyan, get it? huh get it?)

Sorei then summons a kick-ass, epic-mazing (yes, we made up that word bizatches!) sword, and an Uberphant, with claws, and spikes, and wings and sharp teeth, and other crap like that. He is then mauled by the Uberphant and Mitenz.

Vance: (to himself) Should I help him?

Sorei: (In background) Oh my voices! THE PAIN!

Vance: Hmm...

Sorei: Oh voices! PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Vance: Maybe I will help...

Sorei then throws Mitenz off. He continues screaming and thrashing in the fetal position, but fails to realise the Uberphant ceased his attack

Uberphant: Touches trunk to Vance* Should we tell him I stopped? *Shows Sorei flailing and screaming on the ground*

Vance: No. Holy crap, a talking, well im not really sure WHAT you are.

Uberphant: telepathy, actually, Anyway, I'm looking for my master...

Sorei: *realises he isn't fighting* Thanks for the help.

Vance: Don't mention it buddy!

Mitenz: I think your friend failed.

Vance: Why exactly are you guarding the Dragon Ball?

Mitenz: You know, I don't know...

Sorei: Well, would you like to come with us Mitenz?

Mitenz: Not with you Sorei, but Vance seems fine. Why not.

Vance: How do you know our names? We never told you our names.

Mitenz: I know everything.

Sorei: What is the capital of Antartica?

Mitenz: I don't know.

Sorei: Ha! you DON'T know everything!

Mitenz: *shows the a post card from I Don't Know, Antartica (it shows a sign that says Welcome to I Don't Know, Population: 5 (and numerous penguins))*

Vance: Anyway...

Mitenz: Yeah, you still have to fight me to get the Dragon Ball, you know. *proceeds to transform into a giant saber-toothed tiger.

The Uberphant then (chants) delivered a spike, that could shatter bones, into the crotch of Mitenz (Jonez), who fell over onto the ground, writhing in pain, as Batman changed back, into Bruce Wayne.

Mitenz: (whining) Oh the pain, the agony, the deep-fried potato skins! You guys win! Uncle! UNCLE!

Sorei: You're a REALLY bad guardian.

Mitenz: I know, just go, get the Ball!!

Vance: You gonna be OK?

Mitenz: No you fool! I got a likely toxic spine shot into my genital area!! Would YOU be okay!?!

Then, suddenly, a Moh minion pops out of a "Not an Evil" mountain shack, on Mt. Next-to-Catskill-Mountain. After reciting the boring/repetitive intro, they begin to fight, Poly-Rph. Mitenz amazingly manags to destroy the mountain he was standing on before the fight.

We intoduced two new charaters today. Find out what will happen next on Dragon Fire!
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Fire   Dragon Fire Icon_minitime

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