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 Dragon Blast

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PostSubject: Dragon Blast   Dragon Blast Icon_minitimeWed Dec 10, 2008 8:26 pm

Dragon Blast Episode 1: The adventure begins

(taking place on Earth) It's 12:00 midnight. A 20 year old is sitting in his house. His name is Zero. A robber suddenly breaks in. He has Zero at gunpoint

Zero: Who are you?
Robber: It doesn't matter, give me all your money!
Zero: It's not going to work like that pal.
Robber: I'll shoot!!!
Zero: Go ahead, shoot me.
Robber: *shoots* WHAT!

Zero grabbed the bullet between two fingers
Zero: Don't you know what I am?
Robber: *steps backwards* A a a a human r r r right?
Zero: WRONG! *He dashes towards the robber and puts his hand through him* I'm a Saiyan bitch.

In the world of Dragon Blast, there are Saiyans, humans, and even Nameks! We see what power a Saiyan can have but what may come about? Find out on Dragon Blast!!!!

Meanwhile, Zero's two best friends, Kai and Chou, are blast dueling with each other for fun. They are in a near by desert so nobody gets hurt.

Chou: Hyah! Gah...I'm gonna win!
Kai: Ha! not yet! *they both struggle*

The blasts explode and they both get burried in sand. Zero then comes along.

Zero: Chou! Kai! Where are you guys?
Chou: *flies out of the sand* Ah Zero. Kai and I were just blast dueling
Zero: Yeah I saw that, you guys might be getting stronger.
Kai: *flies out of the sand* Your damn right we are.
Zero: So listen to this. Another robber broke in last night.
Kai: What?! Thats the third time this week!
Chou: I think someone is after you Zero.
Zero: Yeah, but they can't be that strong if they are sending guns after me.
Kai: Who knows? Maybe he or she can afford to send such weak people.
Chou: If that is the case, we might need Kimarous.
Zero: He has been away for Months. I don't think he will come back now.
Chou: You think we should check it out around town?
Zero: That was the plan.
Kai: Then lets go!

They head into town and start investigating. They start asking the townspeople if they know anything.

Chou: Hey, you! Have you seen any suspicious activity?
Townsperson 1: No, life has been the same for me.
Zero: Hi, have you seen any robbers or anything lately?
Townsperson 2: No Zero, nothing suspicious has come up.
Kai: Damn! No leads.
Zero: Alright guys, why don't we take a small lunch break. *leans on a black wall*
Chou: Hmm, why don't we search the tower.
Zero: What tower?
Kai: The tower your leaning on.
Zero: *gets off wall* *looks up* What the fuck? Why haven't I noticed this?
Kai: I don't know it seems like it just appeared.
Chou: Well lets go check it out already.

They go and find a gate to the entrance.

Kai: Damn it's locked
Chou: Um, did you forget? We are saiyans.
Kai: Oh...right.
Zero: Well lets go already. FINISH BUSTER!!!!

A big yellow Ki blast blows the gate away.

Chou: Zero, did you have to use that move?

As the trio prepares to go into the castle what awaits them? Find out next time on Dragon Blast!!!
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Male Number of posts : 22
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Quote : "Just who the hell do you think I am?!"
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Blast   Dragon Blast Icon_minitimeWed Dec 10, 2008 8:27 pm

Episode 2: Outside the Black Tower

The trio has opened the gate. Now, they walk inside to find a big area around the tower

Chou: It's a really big area around the tower.
Zero: >_< You didn't have to tell us that, Chou.
Kai: Yes, well I think we should investigate around first
No thats a terrible idea
What are you talking about?
Zero: Kai! Are you schizophrenic?
Kai: Of course not!
Yes you are don't lie.
Chou: Um...lets just check the area.

So they start searching the surrounding area intently for some clues.

Zero: *Looks at a pile of dirt* Hey, there is a button sticking out.
Kai: It's probably a trap. No one touch it.
Chou: Ok I will. *He presses the button*

Suddenly, clay warriors appear around the area surrounding the trio.

Kai: Damn it Chou!
Zero: Hehe. This is no problem.
Kai: Well they are made out of clay >_>

The warriors rush as if controlled.

Chou: Let them come. This will be a warm up.

The trio sends a barrage of Ki blasts all around killing most but the ones in front which are estimated to be about 4 warriors.

Kai: Wait. Don't waste your ki on the rest. We can take them hand to hand.

The three dash and break the warriors with their fists.

Zero: Ok...now lets get to the bottom of this. There is definitely something going on here.

Just then, a girl descends out of the air.

???: Ah, you three. I should have expected you.
Kai: Your...Morgan from our old class.
Morgan: Yes, how are you guys doing?
Chou: We're doing alright. Say, wanna team up with us?
Zero: No Chou. I don't believe she is on our side.
Morgan: What makes you think that, Zero?
Zero: A couple of things really. First, your at this spot which automatically makes you suspicious. Next, you showed up right after the clay warriors were destroyed when you could easily have beaten them. And finally, your power is burning as if you are ready to attack.
Kai: Zero?
Morgan: Well thought, Zero. *shoots ki blast at him*
Zero: *pushed back* Guh.
Morgan: I'll be waiting for you three in the tower. My master, Richter, can take all four of us if he wants to.
Chou: Richter eh? Well it doesn't matter. Your going down! *rushes and punches*
Morgan: *dodges* Like I said, I'll be waiting in the tower. *She ascends and goes into the Black Tower*
Kai: Damn, looks like we have a fight on our hands.
Chou: No doubt we can take Morgan, but this Richter...might be tough.
Zero: ...
Chou: Zero?
Zero: ...oh, it's nothing. Lets go.
Kai: Yes. It's time for our first serious fight!

As the trio head inside the Black Tower, they await their first real fight. But what was that old class that Kai mentioned? Only time will tell! Next time on Dragon Blast!!!
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Male Number of posts : 22
Age : 28
Location : McNeil Village
Quote : "Just who the hell do you think I am?!"
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Blast   Dragon Blast Icon_minitimeWed Dec 10, 2008 8:27 pm

Episode 3: The Black Tower pt1

The three head in through the main door. It was huge. About three times Kai's height. When they go through the door, they reach the main hall which is humongous as well. They look all around. There isn't much but a bunch of chandeliers, paintings etc. Straight ahead are a flight of stairs that leads to three doors. But what will they find in this tower?

Chou: Big tower...bad decoration
Kai: Tell me about it.
Zero: Not every castle has to be Dracula's Castle guys.
Kai: This isn't Castlevania, Zero.
Zero: Yeah I know.
Chou: (cutting in) ANYWAY...lets explore this tower. Maybe we will find something.
Kai: We already know whats in here Chou.
Chou: Oh yeah. Well lets find other things then.
Kai: >_< I guess so. No point in NOT having fun.
Chou: I agree. Where to start?
Zero: There are three doors. Split up maybe?
Kai: How convenient for there to be exactly 3...
Chou: Lets do it!
Kai: Yeah.

All three pick a door and kick it down.

Zero: Hmm...
Kai: Hmm...
Chou: Hmm...

At that moment a metal substance falls and covers the walls in the doors they went through. They are now separated.

Zero: What?! No! *shoots a blast at the metal and it reflects and hits him in the face* HEY! Damn, it's Saiyan proof AND Soundproof. Wonderful X_X
???: Ha! Now we get our alone time.
Zero: Damn, it's you, Morgan. Your as ugly as ever! I'll take you down this time.
Morgan: Oh I doubt that. I'm much stronger. I'm going to hold you down till you cry.
Zero: Heh...try me! But if your here, then what are Kai and Chou doing?
Morgan: Kai is fighting Big Guns, one of our fighters, and Chou...he's fighting his rival. And your fighting your rival.
Zero: Not quite. You know who my REAL rival is.
Morgan: Ah, that bitch that claimed to love you more than I.
Zero: Something like that...well what are you waiting for?
Morgan: Of course. You want the lady to make the first move.
Zero: Although you barely qualify as "lady" you know me well. Come on then!
Morgan: I'll do better than that!

[Kai's viewpoint]

Kai: No! We have been separated! Me and my curiosity.
???: Hey...at least your not alone.
Kai: Gah! Who are you? And where the fuck did you come from?
???: I am Big Guns. *he steps closer so Kai can see him*
Kai: WOW...0_0

Kai watches as Big Guns steps and looks. He is a huge man with little hair. He isn't wearing any armor but is absolutely ripped. Hell, it looks like he could break a bazooka with those arms.

Kai: Your taking steroids dude. They are bad for your Johnson.
Big Guns: Haha! I'm castrated.
Kai: 0_0 WTF! Your a eunick?
Big Guns: That isn't important. I'm gonna rip you apart.
Kai: Well this conversation was getting a bit boring. *cracks neck* So lets get started eh?

[Chou's viewpoint]

Chou: Damnit. It was a trap all along!
???: Yes, with my 241 IQ, I knew you would fall for it, Chou.
Chou: Chulacne!

out steps Chulance, the rival of Chou.

Chou: Whatever Chulnace
Chulance: WHAT! J00 Bastard! *blasts Chou*
Chou: Guh...faggot! Take this. *punches Chulance* It's on!

All three are caught up in a brawl. What will they do? And this Richter still hasn't shown his face yet! Find out what happens next time on Dragon Blast!!!
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Male Number of posts : 22
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Quote : "Just who the hell do you think I am?!"
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Blast   Dragon Blast Icon_minitimeWed Dec 10, 2008 8:29 pm

Episode 4: The Black Tower pt 2

(Quick clarification here. During these three viewpoints they are all happening at the same time)

Chou: Hyah!

The two start to exchange blows then go fist and fist matching each hit. Then Chulance sweeps with his leg and Chou jumps and kicks Chulance square in the forehead. He gets pushed back a bit. Chou then rushes and Chulance side steps and punches Chou in the side pressure point.

Chou: Damn it.
Chulance: HAHA!

Chulance goes for a follow up punch but Chou grabs it. He then tries to punch with his other hand but Chou grabs it as well. Chou then does a flip kick, holding on to Chulance's hands and kicking him on the top of the head. Chulance then kicks Chou in the groin.

Chou:...you bastard. That was cheap. X_X
Chulance: Haha, I'm so much better than you.
Chou: Think again Chu jelly *he punches Chulance*
Chulance: *gets pushed back* Is that all? HYAAAAAA *he rushes with full power*
Chou: Time to get serious *he powers up*

Chou goes for a kick but Chulance dodges it. He then goes for a follow up punch but Chulance grabs his hand and kicks his arm. He then shoots a small ki blast at Chou and blows him back.

Chou: Gah! I'll get you for that. *thinks to himself "Damn it. Since when did Chulance become equal with me?"*

Chou rushes but then teleports to the side. Chulance sees him and punches. Chou dodges it and gets behind Chulance and kicks him in the back. As Chulance gets blown back Chou follows up with a kick that sends him straight to the floor.

Chulance: *grunts* Damn.
Chou: *walks toward Chulance* Ha! You can't beat me.
Chulance: Your...right...but not REALLY! *trips Chou*

He then punches Chou in mid air square in the chest and blasts him blowing him back followed up by an energy ball once he hit the ground. He then starts walking towards Chou.

Chou: NO! I can't lose...to you.
Chulance: It was inevitable my friend. You suck.
Chou: Damn you.
Chulance: It's over.
Chou: See ya in the next life Very Happy
Chulance: Yes.
Chou: No, I mean for YOU! *grabs Beckoth's right foot and blasts it off*

Just then the metal surrounding retracts

Chou: What?
Chulance: I'll see ya later Chou haha. I'll get you next time *he flies outside the tower via a window*
Chou: Come back here damn it!
Chulance: Not happening....WTF!!!!!!!!

He looks behind and sees a tornado. Chulance effectively gets sucked in however he is not dead.

Chou: hehe...shocking.

[Kai's viewpoint]

Big Guns: Haha!

Big guns punches Kai in the face hard and throws him into the metal wall. He then follows up with a punch to the back.

Kai: AH!
Big Guns: Whats the matter? Am I too strong for you?

Kai pushes off the wall and does a 180 degree kick into Big Guns's face. He then rushes and Big Guns tries to punch Kai. He ducks and dashes into him punching repeatedly at his stomach. He then uppercuts him in the jaw then follows up with a Ki blast to the chest.

Big Guns: Damn, I underestimated you. Your the biggest challenge I've ever had.
Kai: You must have versed some terrible fucks then.
Big Guns: WHAT WAS THAT?! *he rushes*

Big Guns punches Kai but Kai manages to block it. He then grabs Kai and smashes him against the wall 5 times and then throws him up in the air. He then punches hard while Kai is in mid air and he goes flying. Kai gets up quickly and starts blasting a barrage at Big Guns. He effectively blocks all of them and shoots one of his own. Kai blocks it and rushes. When he reaches Big Guns he teleports around him fast and shoots a concentrated Ki blast at his back. Big Guns gets up and they both stare at each other.

Kai: Not bad *cough* I'm actually struggling.
Big Guns: *pant* Heh, this has been a good fight.
Kai: I agree. Now lets finish this.
Big Guns: I agree *he starts charging up a massive Ki blast*
Kai: Ah, so you want to play it this way huh? Fine! Here we go! *starts charging up as well*

both let out their massive Ki blasts. Now the blast duel is on! It goes on for five minutes of them being equal.

Kai: Urg! MORE....POWER!
Big Guns: I never thought you would last this long.
Kai: Same...to...you...buddy

Just then the metal surrounding them retracts. Big Guns gets distracted for a mere moment and Kai seizes the opportunity to push forward.


Big Guns dissipates. Kai has won.

Kai: Hmph! Now I gotta get to Chou and Zero!

[Zero's viewpoint]

As Zero and Morgan are ready to fight, Richter awaits all three of them. What will become of Zero? Just how powerful IS Richter? Find out next time on Dragon Blast!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Blast   Dragon Blast Icon_minitimeWed Dec 10, 2008 8:30 pm

Chapter 5: The Black tower pt 3

Last time, the trio was each in their own battle. Chou vs Chulance, Kai vs Big Guns, and Zero vs Morgan. Chou and Chulance were equal in power but Chou managed to blast Chulance's right foot off. Kai and Big Guns were tied as well but one distraction turned the whole fight around as Kai destroyed him. Now Morgan and Zero are ready to fight. Who will win though?

Morgan rushes. She goes in with a direct kick but Zero grabs her leg. He spins it around one way then turns the other way fast and kicks her. Morgan then rolls out of his hand with a rolling kick to the face. Slightly angry, Zero rushes. Morgan puts out her arms to block, but Zero dives forward on his hands and with them he launches himself in a front flip right over Morgan and kicks her in the back. He then turns around and shoots a Ki blast. Morgan goes flying.

Morgan: Grr...your better than I expected *gets up*
Zero: Is that all you got? You could never beat me in school.
Morgan: GRRR! You and that bitch! Why could I never beat you two?
Zero: It's destiny my ugly broad.
Morgan: And to think I once loved you...nomatter *cracks knuckles* lets go!

Morgan rushes again. This time they go fist for fist.

Zero: *thinking* Damn, she is getting faster and stronger...I knew it.

Finally they come out of the fist for fist and Morgan kicks Zero. Zero gets up quickly and gets ready. Morgan rushes again and Zero sidesteps. Morgan rushes once again but Zero sidesteps. Morgan thinks to herself "what is he doing?" But she doesn't stop. She keeps attacking and Zero keeps dodging. Finally she stops and Zero rushes. She is now confused and doesn't have time to react. Zero hits her hard and she goes flying. Zero follows her but she gets up fast and shoots a massive Ki blast at him blowing him back. A slight tear in his sleeve comes about.

Zero: Damn that one was good...but even though we were about equal in power this is about over.
Morgan: *pant* What are you mumbling to yourself? *pant*
Zero: Oh...I was just saying how this fight is all over.
Morgan: *pant* Huh? *she flies up in the air right below the ceiling*

Suddenly the metal retracts.

Zero: *smiles* Just what I needed.

Zero puts his hands out in front of him, his two pointer fingers and thumbs make a triangle as they come together. Suddenly a Bluish green energy ball starts coming up. It gets bigger and bigger.

Zero: Check out my newest blast. STAR SHOT! *He releases the blast*
Morgan: No problem. *she catches it and tries to push it back*

The ball keeps getting stronger though for some reason.

Morgan: What is this? It's getting faster and stronger.
Zero: Thats because the farther it travels, the faster and stronger it gets.
Morgan: Oh...shit X_X

Zero then shoots a small Ki blast at one of her arms. The Star Shot then blows her out the tower. The explosion is big up in the sky.

Zero: *sighs* Good thing I wore her out. Now lets search for Kai and Chou.


[Kai's viewpoint]

Kai: Zero! Chou! Where are you guys? Damnit. I gotta keep going.

Kai walks through a bunch of corridors until he hears something around the corner.

Kai: Come out with your hands up damnit! I have energy and I'm not afraid to use it.
Chou: Oh heya Kai.
Kai: Chou! Oh am I happy to see you.
Chou: You all right Kai? You seem a bit beat up.
Kai: Yeah I had to verse a eunick on steroids.
Chou: Ew...who does that?
Kai: Anyways, you look a bit beat up yourself.
Chou: It's Chulance...I don't think he was with this whole crew but hes here.
Kai: Oh man I don't like him.
Chou: Neither do I...ever since THAT day. Still, I can't believe he is now equal to me.
Kai: WHAT?!
Chou: Yeah I know. But at least I managed to blast a foot off of him.
Kai: *laughs* Nice <______________>
Chou: Well lets go. We might meet Zero later.
Kai: Yeah, I wonder where Morgan is though.

Suddenly a crash is heard and an explosion as well

Chou: WTF was that?
Kai: I wonder...Zero! We must hurry!
Chou: Yeah!

Chou and Kai go through the corridors and finally reach a large door. They open the door to find a large blue room. It almost looked like a King's throne room. They look around and find a white alien type thing sitting in a large chair. It has a tail and claws. Soft on the skin however.

???: So you have gotten past my test it seems. Although I'm not sure about your other one.
Chou: Are you Richter?
Richter: Yes indeed. And you are?
Chou: Chou and this is Kai.
Kai: *mutters to Chou* Why are we doing formalities with this thing?
Chou: I don't know but he might be powerful
Kai: No shit!
Richter: Did you say something there?
Kai: We were just confering mind you.
Richter: Ah of course. Well I'll have you know, you can't beat me.
Chou: What makes you think that?
Richter: Please, just try me.
Chou and Kai: FINE!

they both combine a ki blast and shoot. Richter picks up his pinky finger and blocks the blast with it.

Chou and Kai: 0_0 0_0 W T F!!!!!!!!!!!
Richter: It is as I said.

Suddenly a familiar voice is heard in the backround.

???: FINISH BUSTER!!!!!!!!

the finish buster flies towards Richter but he does the same thing and blocks it with his pinky.

Kai: Zero!
Zero: *steps in the room* Hey guys, sorry i'm la.....what the fuck is that thing? And what happened to my blast?
Chou: That is Richter. He blocked that shot with his pinky.
Zero: No way.
Kai: How are we supposed to beat him?
Richter: Ah Zero, so you beat Morgan then.
Zero: You bet I did.
Richter: Pfft, she was weak. Nothing compared to me. *he starts powering up*
Kai: Zero! Do you feel his power?
Zero: ITS OVER NINE...*gets blasted*
Chou: Zero, are you ok?
Zero: *gets up* yeah, now on three we all attack him. One, two, ....*turns around* (in a girly voice) AH!
Richter: Peekaboo! *he knocks all three out in one hit*

Oh noes, Richter knocked out all of them. Just how powerful is he? And Zero mentioned the class that Kai did too. What the fuck are they talking about? Find out next time on Dragon Blast!!!
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Dragon Blast
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