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 Unnatural Talent

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PostSubject: Unnatural Talent   Unnatural Talent Icon_minitimeWed Apr 29, 2009 7:22 pm

Episode One: Talent Revealed

The wind was howling, the sky was dark, hundreds of footsteps added to the noise. An army was fast approaching. They were unlike others though; these were special. Bred only to die in battle, these killing machines were. Not even machines, but mutants. Half-human, half you name it: lions, tigers, eagles, shark, etc. Created by all sorts of inhumane experiments, and tortured to the point of being devoid in any emotions and instincts except to kill. Fed their own butchered brethren, and forced to endure famine, and the elements. They were hard to deter from their mission, and even harder to kill. This would be a nightmare for the opposing side.

The camera focuses on a laboratory. There are no windows, numerous pod-type objects, and it appears to be underground. Two men in whit lab coats, one tall and thin, the other short and fat, appear to be conversing. The camera zooms in for a better look.

Fat: But the army is fast approaching! We have to activate it!
Thin: No, we cannot activate it for another week! It is still in its adolescence stage! It’s highly unstable at this point!
Fat: Do you care about it being stable or being alive? They will destroy it when they get here. Would you have it be destroyed with, or without a fight?
Thin: … (sigh) I suppose your right. Alright, we must be quick!

The two head over to one of the pods. The fat one punches a password into the keypad on the side of the pod and a touch screen appeared. He moves some things around on it and presses a button. The pod begins to open and out comes steam and what appears to be a human, covered in green goo. The human stands up and wipes himself off. He is about 5’9” and has dark hair and blue eyes; he is about 14. The scientists hand him clothes and greet him into the world. After that they tell him that he must destroy the incoming army, and he nods in response. The scientists fled for the closet, knowing that fighting would come instinctually to him, as they had created him and his intelligence. Suddenly the ceiling began shaking.

After a few more shakes, the ceiling caves in and the half-breds (the half-human army) begin coming in through the ceiling. Immediately the boy creates a layer of spikes beneath the hole, impaling some, injuring others. He then creates a coating of steel around his hands and begins punching the half-breds’ lights out. They retaliate with claws, jaw, beaks, and fists. The boy punches left and right, battering his foes, and equipment. He is injured multiple times, but doesn’t notice due to the adrenaline. Even the bird half-breds are killed, by leaping uppercuts and downwardcuts, into the ground. Spikes are raised, bones are shattered, corpses are used in… um, creative ways. As the battle ends and the few remaining survivors flee, the pain catches up to the boy. He remains conscious, but is severely injured. He has a large gash in his right arm, which he holds with his left and is limping. He attempts to ignore it and lets the scientists out of the closet.

Fat: He won! Unbelievable!
Thin: What’s unbelievable is how much damage he managed to cause to things other than the half-breds.
Fat: Well, at least he survived…
Thin: Yes, but these were one of the lesser-ranked battalions.
Fat: What? How do you know?
Thin: Well, they have battalions of big cats and raptors. These on the other hand are parrots and small cats.
Boy: (gritting teeth in pain) I saw a crow in there as well. (Winces) I think it got away…
Fat: So, why does it matter?
Thin: Because, if some got away in LOW-ranked battalion, he will NEVER beat a HIGH-ranked battalion.
Fat: Maybe… Hey experiment, do you have a rebuttal?
Boy: (still gritting teeth) First, I would like to have a name to be addressed by. Second (smirks) NOTHING is impossible.
Thin: First, you don’t need a name,. Second, there are many things that are impossible! Like breathing in a vacuum, flying without wings, and many others!
Boy: (Still gritting teeth) If you will not name me, I shall name myself, and shall not respond to anything else. I shall call myself Renji!
Thin: Fine “Renji” I will address you by you self-given name, but you cannot deny you need training.
Fat: So… how will you train exactly?
Renji: I shall go on a journey (Winces) after I have healed.

We have just met Renji, a test tube child who has a bit of an attitude. He will go on a journey soon, but what will occur? And what is the importance of the crow half-bred that got away? Find out next time on Unnatural Talent!

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Unnatural Talent
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