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 The ten year old sergeant

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The ten year old sergeant Empty
PostSubject: The ten year old sergeant   The ten year old sergeant Icon_minitimeFri May 01, 2009 6:02 pm

The ten year old sergeant
Chapter 1 The warp

It all started out when I was just a normal kid in boring math class when the lights flicker. That was normal though well as a thought but then they turned off. That was just the first sign but when a heard big bang like a gun shot then I was spooked so I closed my eyes and hoped for the best. Soon I opened my eyes to see light so I was happy then I noticed I was out side and it was real hot. Then I heard more gun shots and this time I saw dirt move. So I ran as fast as I could and then I saw and black man. He looked so familiar but I couldn’t recognize who it was when I hit me it was Sue Son Hussein and he had an A-K 47 and was ready to shoot when he said some shit like hubabuba which I didn’t get so I said the gum?
Which got him pissed so I shot up? Well in till I heard gun shot but they were like a saggy ball sack they just stood there with me in till they saw a guy with a gun then they ran off with me. They ran into a cave were there were lot of crap I haven’t seen in my life. When i happed affraid confused

will our hero get back to home or ad least saftyan what happed well fint out nex time on The ten year old sergeant
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The ten year old sergeant
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